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About Us

IST AIR CARGO was established in Istanbul, the intersection point of Asia and Europe. Thanks to its advantageous location, it provides logistics solutions to many regions. It allows its customers to reach more destinations, both regionally and globally.

IST AIR CARGO, with its sectoral experience in the airline cargo industry, increases your sales force with customized GSSA (General Sales & Service Agency) services.

Our Philosophy

As IST AIR CARGO, our philosophy is to establish and maintain a long-term partnership on trust with our customers.
Within the dynamic airline industry, we are committed to provide the best sales performance to our customers in accordance with our sectoral experience and expertise and guarantee that we will offer the best airline-oriented service.

Our Vision...

To be the leading company in the aviation industry which sets the standards and provides the most proper and the highest quality service for the customer requirements.

Our Mission...

Our mission is to establish a professional management approach in order to offer innovative and quality service that meets the demands and expectations of our customers and adds value to them.