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Our difference is our service.


Market Research

Doing market researches in order to establish/expand customer portfolio in conformance with the flight frequency, aircraft type, and flight network of airlines.

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Customer Relationship

Providing sales and after-sales services depending on customers’ expectations, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Optimum planning of the capacity offered by the airline according to flight frequency, aircraft type and flight network.

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IT & Reservation

Establishing systems integrated with airlines, agencies, ground handling co., customs authorities, ensuring correct and timely flow of information.

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Project Monitoring

Building projects in line with the needs of airlines, implementing and reporting the related projects.

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Product Development

To meet the demands of customers by following the changing market conditions, maintaining the competitive position of the airline and increasing the market share.

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Sales Channels

Increasing sales volume by expanding of the airline flight network via interline / RFS management.

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Coordination with
Ground Handling Co.

Ensuring 7/24 coordination with the related ground handling co. in the warehouse, apron and ramp areas during the operation process.

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Cargo Charter

We provides timely and secure shipment to any desired point with its charter service, in line with the demands of our customers. Our service is the best method for your time-bound and bulky shipments.

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Combined Transportation

With the combined transport services offered in line with customer demands, IST AIR CARGO provide innovative, fast, and effective logistics solutions for all projects.

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ist air cargo accounting / finans & muhasebe yönetimi

Consultancy Services

IST AIR CARGO offers solutions and provides consultancy services in line with customers’ needs while sharing its sectoral experience and special expertise.

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